Samstag, 26. März 2011

MoreUnit 2.4.1 released

We have released a new version of MoreUnit this week.
MoreUnit now has mocking support, which can be installed as a separate plugin.

With this release we relaunched a new website, thanks to Nicolas!


Bill hat gesagt…

We have a case that MoreUnit cannot handle. Our class under test might be called "MyClassImpl" to differentiate it from "MyClass" interface, however the test is called "MyClassTest".

I'm thinking there may be no easy fix for this except manually entering the relationship between the package under test and it's test package.

Even the smart lookup doesn't work for this--it finds the interface method instead of the implementation method.

If there is any way to fix this in the current version, please let me know!


gianasista hat gesagt…

Hi Bill,

I have opened a feature request for this:

That's not an easy task with a "lightwight" solution, so I am not sure when we will implement this.

An optional manually edited relationship would be my preferred solution to this.