Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

Ganymede release

This week I switched from Europe to Ganymede and here is what happened:

First of all i missed the 'Software Updates/Manage configuration' menu which I used to add my extension locations with every new release/milestone.
What happened? With Ganymede the update mechanism changed (p2). After googling I found several posts about this topic. As a hotfix I linked my extension from the dropins folder. But I dislike this hack because I think this will not work with plugin updates. As a consequence I started reading some sites about p2 and found lot's of stuff about cool new features like bundle pooling, but what I missed was an short/easy tutorial to get these stuff working for me.
Conclusion: p2 sounds interesting but will take some time to get configured if you want to use bundle pooling.

After working with Ganymede for a while I had problems with my cursor, it disappear and reappeared only if I moved the invisible cursor out of the eclipse workbench window. This is a "annoying feature" so I wanted to find out if other users have the same problem working with Ganymede on Mac.
A short search in bugzilla and the following entry occured:
Exactly the same problem, so I added a comment. In the meanwhile the bug is fixed. This really rocks about eclipse :-) A open bug database and fast feedback from the team. Cool.

A small new nice feature is the 'Restart' menu.

That's it for the first days using Ganymede.