Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

MoreUnit 3.0.4 is out

After a long while we released a new version with the following changes:
  • Feature request #67: Marks methods having @Ignored tests
  • Feature request #70: Generates Javadoc for test methods
  • Feature request #71: Mocks: adds support for private and @Injectable fields
  • Feature request #73: Multiline content for test method content
  • Mocks: improves user experience regarding template creation and loading
  • Improves online documentation
  • Fix: (bug 123) typo
  • Fix: (bug 117) Handles project names with braces
  • Fix: (bug 119) ClassCastException while annotating
  • Fix: (bug 3613196) Removes unnecessary info logs
  • Fix: NPE when project is misconfigured or contains only one source folder
  • Fix: NPE when validating new test case creation from first wizard page
  • Fix: Preferences: does not force focus anymore on source and test folder fields, when user input is wrong
  • Fix: Mocks: avoids NPEs when parts are missing from XML template definitions
Have a lot of fun :-)